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The news are many and good, we will be in SMAU, Milan (Italy).
We continue to extend our number of customers, and the quality of our products and services.

But the number of new partnerships marks this time. They are four, the new partners, and all of them are important, but who doesn't like to have like business partners IBS and OKI?

Our concern is not only selling, but find the best global solutions for our customers.

We don't collect products and in spite of our company were born in fun, we are a serious company and we will keep in market to resolve and not to create problems.


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IRMA and Eugénio Branco decided to build one strategic partnership, with the objective to integrate and increase the universe of solutions for IBM AS/400 systems. Eugénio Branco, one recognized supplier of ERP Applicable Software, will start to integrate the products FormSprint, TeleMagic, and BlueFax at the management solutions for the commerce, industry and services areas. IRMA is nominated reseller of NEWLOOK dynamic solution that converts in real time the traditional AS/400 green screens, for graphic environment.

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The partnership signed a few days ago between IBS Portugal and IRMA will allows to extend the business circle, the solutions and products of both companies, contributing to increase the level of service rend to the customers. So, IBS Portugal begins to commercialise all the available IRMA solutions, with special emphasis to fax and electronic forms solutions. In fax solutions, point out the Telex/Fax/400 solution, as well the VSI-FAX for Notes, a native solution in Lotus Notes, that takes the best performance on security and clustering of Notes. At the electronic forms area the point our is the FormSprint solution, that is based on the IBS AS/400 utilization for creation, processing and print of various forms, supporting any type of local printers, remote, network printers and integration with fax solutions. On the other hand, that partnership will allow on the same way that IRMA represent all the IBS Portugal's enterprise management, e-business and CRM solutions.

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IRMA signed one partnership with OKI SYSTEMS IBERICA SA to offer to the customers one complete solution for print. OKI, Japanese multinational with more then 100 years of experience at the communications and information technology market, commercialise at Spain and Portugal through Iberian branch office an ample doe of printers for professional use. The printers doe is composed by one ample fan of matricial printers, as well laser printers with LED technology, mono or coloured and printer's solid ink. The quality and value of the offer was recognized by professional users of peninsula, staying actually at number 2 on laser and matrical printers' sales. Beyond the mark OKI, the Japanese multinational branch office offers with exclusiveness for Spain and Portugal PRINTRONIX printers, one North-American multinational that offers line, laser and thermic printers to satisfy the most high printers needs.

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